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Chances are you probably already know a little bit about us, maybe the basics – we’re a registered charity, we work with kids and families, we love joining people on their journey of finding what fun activities ignite their passion. But there’s so much more than that! And that’s what this page is for.

We’re here because we want to share all kinds of stories, have conversations about recreation and why it matters, allow you to take a peek into the behind-the-scenes details, and chat about the exciting things ROC Eastman is doing. Our goal is to share updates every other week or so.  Also, we would love to hear from you! We’ve all been in one-sided conversations (ugh!) and that’s no fun. Let’s make this a dialogue – comment with thoughts and questions, share our posts, send us an email! Feedback is greatly appreciated. This is not our soap box, it’s a world-wide group chat and everyone is invited.

Along with the basics, you probably know that ROC is made up of many amazing people! We have a great team with our ROC families, Board of Directors, staff and volunteers. Each person is a valuable asset and has a different point of view. Unlike some blogs, this one is a group project! Each post may have a different author or several people may collaborate on one. We hope that various perspectives will give you a deeper understanding of the organization and our community.

Although each post may have a different voice, they will be written just for you – a ROCstar! A ROCstar is anyone that hopes for happier and healthier communities filled with families finding belonging and children exploring their worlds with excitement. We welcome all our readers and it’s a diverse bunch! Amazing ROC families, ROC supporters from Day 1 (over 8 years ago!), potential volunteers, members of our Eastman community and beyond, those looking to refer a family in need, all sorts – we’re glad you’re here and hope we can answer some questions or just brighten your day with a story.

We have been looking forward to creating and building this page for a while. We have lots to share and no two days (minutes even!) are alike. Since starting in 2009, ROC has grown in ways we didn’t think possible! And now that we know we have what it takes to change lives and transform families, we’re inspired to create ROC Manitoba, ROC Canada and… ROC EARTH! One child at a time. Thank you for joining us on this journey, we’ve only just begun.

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Chelsey Neufeld, Development Coordinator ROC Eastman

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