Let Kids Decide How They Can Be Healthy: Build Your Best Day!

If your kids could do anything for a day what would they do? Cuddle puppies? Swim with sharks? Ride bikes that churn ice cream?

Canadian based organizations ParticipAction, the Healthy Living and Obesity Research Group, Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology, and the Public Health Agency of Canada have created an interactive online experience for families. It “lets kids imagine a day where they can do anything they want, all the while learning about the new Canadian 24-Hour Movement Guidelines for Children and Youth in a fun way!”

By choosing activities, real or imagined, the program teaches kids about the balance of sweating, stepping, sleeping and sitting they need each day to be healthy! Try it out today and see if your family learns anything new or inspires some fun recreation activities for the whole family!

Go to www.buildyourbestday.com

For more information on the program and resources for parents, click the top left-hand corner of the Build Your Best Day home page! Have fun!

Contributed By:

Taylor Devlin, Family Recreation Practitioner ROC Eastman

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