National Injury Prevention Day!

On July 5, 2017, an organization called Parachute will be celebrating its first ever National Injury Prevention Day to “shine a light on largely predictable and preventable injuries”. “Our goal is to help save more lives through education, knowledge and empowerment”.

Parachute’s website has some great resources on children’s safety including play ground, sports, wheeled activities, and pedestrian safety, helmets, car seats, drowning prevention and concussions.

I highly recommend checking out their latest information on concussions, including YouTube Videos from Dr. Mike Evans called Concussions 101 and a personal story from Molly Tissenbaum who plays hockey for Harvard University. There is important information for parents on signs, symptoms and red flags of a concussion, what you should do if you suspect a concussion and more!

If you have a smartphone you can also download the Concussion Ed App for free through the Apple App Store, Google Play for Android devices of a web-based version for Blackberry and Windows.

If your children are taking part in sports and activities where there is a risk of concussions let coaches and leaders know about the resources and education available to help them keep an eye out for the kids too!

Play Safe and Have Fun!

Contributed By:

Taylor Devlin, Family Recreation Practitioner, ROC Eastman

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